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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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of the busiest times -- as you can see the security lines have 60,000 to travel to today -- some passengers admit to a few jitters while others believe it is one of the safest times to fly. >> the crowd started forming thanksgiving getaway. one of the busiest travel days and for patricia it is adding to her heightened concern. >> everything in the past month with isis and airplane issues definitely makes me a little concerned are to fly this year. following the terror attacks in paris and the tsa agents are taking more time to search bags. >> i'm glad they are being more thorough -- if it makes things more safe i don't mind. i knew this beforehand so i knew what to expect. >> nancy at her wall had long- standing plans to go to paris
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more than determined to make the trip. >> the people that have these i had ologies have one -- they are trying to scare us. >> at logan airport passengers were urged to arrive early and double check your items as patrols were increased three >> want to ensure them that we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure their security. >> international travelers say they have seen the difference -- >> there is a lot more security -->> as the president said, there is no credible threat in the us. governor. baker said to medication with homeland security is constant. >> the thing that you worry about is that somebody know something and they don't communicated -- i'm not worried about this. the dialogue is going on hour by hour. >> the strategy here continues to evolve with increased security measures. passengers say things are moving smoothly. travel date isn't winding down
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live from logan airport beth germano wbznews police in new york city are clearing the parade route to -- 1 million are expected to attend this year and they will be tested will be undercover officers in the police will be using radiation detectors. here is a live look at fenway park -- high school football and police are sweeping the ballpark -- fans are going through metal detectors and employees are using state of the art video surveillance to keep an eye on all parts of the park. >> shoppers at the outlets will notice more security this year. >> police officers are armed and patrolling the property -- let's go to bill shields with the latest. >> bill? >> it was busy here today even though the busier days are yet to come. we talked to a lot of people -- a weren't concerned about the terrorism even when we told them that the police were beating up security for the
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nonetheless people said they are going to go about their business. >> i'm not concerned. >> not at all. >> the wrentham outlet mall was jammed even with the next to big shopping days on the horizon. >> no one here was concerned about terrorism. >> did go through your mind? >> no, not at all. >>. it about it? >> no. something can happen you can to stop it. >> the governor said there is no credible threat anywhere in the state. >> still the police have beefed up security here at the outlet even in ways that no one can see. even though the malls are considered soft targets to shoppers we talk to worry. >> i think there should be an ample amount of security for friday because it will be a lot of people here. everybody wants to get the deals -- >> it could be as a an easy target -- i don't like to think about that.
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protection and that's good. >> this is a very safe area and i wouldn't expect terrorism here. >> there are a lot of people. >> yes, but not people that would do this here -- it is not the demographics for that kind of terrorism. >> police are not asking people to be nervous or on high alert but they are asking people at shoppers to remember the adage if you see something, say something. david? >> tonight -- tonight we are keeping an eye on the roadway stashed the tolls are looking half decent. >> they were right when they said today would be worse than today -- maps are always telling -- >> that's right to -- you can see over david's shoulder a lot of red particularly 93 s. bound and pike heading westbound -- not as bad -- people are
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-- will take a look at route one -- pretty slow going -- a live look at the expressway -- that is a major artery out of town -- not as credit is yesterday. earlier and earlier every year people are making a way out of town. over the next few days we will see 3 tickets of degrees -- 40s today -- 50 and thanks giving -- 60 friday. >> sounds fabulous. a treat for the holiday weekend -- let's send it over to eric fisher -- what a great forecast. >> yes -- counting down the hits -- the hits -- at 4:30 you see the moon -- a ring a cloud around her. humming over the city a great night all told -- will temperatures back into the 30s and many towns will dip into high pressure is in control. in fact, a huge sprawling area off shore it starts to drive the milder temperature --.
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34 in boston and 33 in chili. as you wake up in the morning -- 10,000 people are expected in the road race -- 350 -- a chilly dry morning. the temperatures will be bound into the 50s and a shot at 60+ friday. we will take a full look at the forecast and the weekend travel which is the big part of the story coming up. >> is a? >> things, area. keep track with the weather app -- all you have to do is search cbs boston. >> a video that is shot the nation -- the video is hard to watch -- it is disturbing -- it shows a police officer shooting and killing a teenager armed he shot him 16 times. >> the officer was the only fire and tonight he is charged with murder. adriana diaz has the latest from chicago.
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vocal and sometimes physical protest last night over the october 2014 police shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. >> 16 shots -- >> the -- him showed the officer firing 16 times and killing him. the attorney said the officer yelled for mcdonald to to dropped the knife. >> he shot mcdonald because he was in fear of his life as well as the life of anyone on the scene. >> van [ null ] was charged with murder. an autopsy report showed mcdonald was shot twice in the back and the hallucinogenic drug pcp was in his system. the city settled with the family for $5 million but there is a public outcry over what took so long to release the video and to bring charges against the officer. the city council is calling for accountability. >> it appears that when the
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victims are underprivileged or minority it takes a long time for justice. >> the judge will revisit the issue of the bond at a hearing monday after viewing the video -- van [ null ] faces 20 years to life if convicted. >> adriana diaz cbs news sure copper >> tonight they are searching for a driver that hit an officer and took off -- an officer working traffic detail at grafton and franklin. the offer was not seriously hurt and his inspectors be okay. police have issued a an alert for a maroon chevy impala. >> three people are facing shoplifters -- they would request the items and they would resell them at the store the charges of the first underway new law targeting organized retail crime. >> tonight and elderly woman has lost her license and so far she is not facing charges.
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her car at a shopping center yesterday in natick. she killed one person and the two others are injured. >> humming up we will take a accidents involving elderly drivers and what should be done >> controversial commuter rail changes -- last week they announced that in december they would cut service on certain lines into north station and eliminate other stops altogether -- riders complained so the plan is on the back burner. >> a short week for the patriots -- they are getting ready for sunday's matchup against the broncos. steve burton joins us. tom brady is always so cool -- what does he see about the game bikes >> he said they better be ready for denver because they are good. >> playing monday night means one less day to prepare. even though they are 10 and zero they are banged up -- they
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have to play with the broncos at the mile high altitude and attitude. >> he has in the entry but he is not a crutches -- brady took a beating monday but today he said he feels great and is 100%. he was asked with dealing about the short week. >> and the thanks giving holiday. >> mental toughness. athletic comes down to. we are off to a good start but it doesn't mean anything. whatever happens after this thursday is what matters to the season and this is when we need to start playing. >> in denver sunday night -- sunday morning game day and after the game tune in for the
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>> the linebacker is still out with an illness as well. >> over to you. >> thank you. -- holiday fun -- still to come the search is on for part of great popular local ice rink that is missing -- what it means for people that want to skate this weekend. >> plus, -- a demolition drama -- how a man inside the back who walked away without a scratch. >> as we get ready for the big meal tomorrow -- the toll it can take on your body.
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the charles hotel ice week is for families living in until the missing pieces found it looks like the entire ice. julie has the story. >> this is -->> we have all misplaced something. >> my buddy helped me with this ring. the keys, the remote, -- >> we have a zamboni and we clean the ice -- we are proud. >> never and i swing.
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>> the truth is, i bought my team was playing a joke on me. >> the charles hotel has reassembled a neighborhood a stable -- >> a part of the community, really. >> when the general manager called the storage facility they were rearranging inventory and in the process lost the trailer and the contents which happen to include one third of the rink. >> how do you lose a skating rink? it seems very improbable. >> nothing is unbelievable anymore. >> we felt that the we get a call that they found it. they haven't. >> the hotel would like to do something with this -- they don't want to leave a space like this empty. unfortunately, they won't be able to fill the void until next year. >> i've gotten at least a dozen ideas of what to do -- selling christmas trees or having an
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ice carving contest. >> the rink is likely gone for good cause at a cost of more than $300,000 this item really is just that.>> julie loncich wbznews that is where my daughter first skated. it is a fun rink and they have a hot chocolate stand -- i hope he finds the third of the rink. >> you've got the harbor hotel still. >> is it hard to keep the ice cold with the temperatures get to 60? >> then it becomes a little bit one day. overall cool stretch -- look at the calendar -- we've added a lot of blue squares -- it is pace and it will no longer be a record pace -- warmer than average november -- you look at are looking at 49.70 for an average temperature this month. although there are more cool
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days in the forecast this will continue to fall and be close to the 10 spot by the time monday wraps up -- all told will be a -- one of the top 15 warmest novembers. >> 35 -- providence 42 -- it will cool off quite as much -- a slight warming trend -- warmer air is starting to get into the south and that is where the wind will turn for tomorrow. the wins will bring up a little bit more cloud cover -- a bit of moisture off to the south -- you got strong high pressure and the moisture moving in at the low levels sometimes it gets trapped and the bottom line is that it will create a little more cloud cover into the thanks giving -- otherwise no big storms in the east -- it will stay quiet. >> tonight the developing clouds -- 25-33 for the suburbs and 35 over the low in downtown -- a great event for the high
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going on this evening -- about 400 -- low 40s tomorrow morning and low 50s as we head towards the time tomorrow. all of this will be quite -- a cool experience out there. >> you can look at the timeline heading into the day some of the low clouds moving in -- this model moves them far east but the clouds may form a little west -- toward the connecticut river valley and southwestern rhode island. this is something to watch -- it won't cause significant issues that we will see more cloud cover. >> the same idea friday -- still spotty areas of low clouds but all told it is a good stretch to end the week and the trade-off is that we get warmer temperatures. for thanks giving day looks like people start in the 30s and be in the 50s in the afternoon -- partly sunny skies good for a walk after a feast -- 53 in provincetown the d6 in fitchburg and temperatures are well above average.
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we will stay in the 40s -- not cold leading into friday morning and as the day goes on by noon we will approach 60. the big question on friday -- we know we have southwesterly winds -- how much some will break out? if we get a good amount of sun friday i wouldn't be surprised to see middle 60s -- a mild the day. >> heading into friday night a cold front moves south and the chance for showers is late friday night into the first half of saturday -- we will clear out -- kicking off the for skiing and snowboarding places have opened -- not a lot weekend been great for snowmaking -- if you want to go the board. >> here is the accuweather decorations outside -- friday is the day. next chance of rain isn't until tuesday next week. >> david and lisa over to you.
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dancing cop is out of a job -- tony that he was fired yesterday after leading a protest against dunkin' donuts -- an employee of the chain wrote black lives matter -- the police commissioner said he represented -- misrepresented himself. >> where you can find the worst cooks around boston over the holidays. >> first man buns and now glitter beers -- this is getting a lot of attention. turtles stranded on the beach >> mostar 2-5 years old. >> the mission to save them that could take months and why danger. >>
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time flies -- turkeys don't. >> [laughter] >> that was good. >> they are being nice to the dad -- a tradition because the family oh bear -- a family affair -- he pardoned the turkey and his daughter got a good laugh. >> he pardoned all the turkeys -- the average american will consume 4500 cal during a typical thanks giving. while we say it's only one day per year, what happens to our bodies?
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dr. marshall is here to explain -- to we want to know? >> you always make baa dr. downer -- we have experienced the food coma after we indulge -- what is going on to make you feel sluggish and satisfied? >> yahoo! health broke it down -- beginning with your brain -- your mindset before dinner can affect how much you eat. family stress like having sitting next to crazy uncle ned or explaining why you you aren't married it can make you eat and drink more. once you start to eat the levels of serotonin rise in your brain aching you feel tired and perhaps less mindful of what you shovel into your mouth. >> i have a knuckle -- uncle it ned. >> as your stomach expands it tells your brain it is full --
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you keep eating and the signals are overwritten and the stomach can use to stretch. then you are unfastening your button. >> yes. >> what about your liver? >> if you have a little alcohol -- your liver sees it as a toxin and breaks it down but it can only process one drink per hour -- the wine and the eggnog can add up quickly. >> do you serve eggnog at thanks giving? >> if i mix something in a -- >> just to prove that you are not dr. downer -- what you having tomorrow? >> we do the deep fried turkey and stuffing. >> she is going to have 4500 cal. >> now i know what happens to my body. >> we can exercise friday. >> yes. >> firefighters are getting a workout -- thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for them.
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a lot of calls come from homes with cooking fires. where are the fires in our area? boston magazine collected data in his what they found -- between 2010 and 2015 rocks barry had the highest number of fires -- the firefighters expect around 15. kitchen fires are a problem in hyde park -- that neighborhood came in number two -- they responded to 17 fires on average. lining of the top -- watch the kitchen in mission hill -- on average nine holiday fires -- twice what they expect. this is a timely reminder -- keep an eye on what is cooking -- if you don't want to be of restaurants are open. >> and set a timer -- i almost learned the hard way. i almost birds of the. >> a warning for costco customers -- something that is
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making people sick. >> and i team investigation -- counterfeit -- how this could affect national security. >> plus, this man was killed -- some want to know why the woman who hit him was driving in the first place. >>
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